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DescriptionCOMP 2000 ltd. since 1995. develops application software in accordance with international trends and needs of clients, and the COMP group joins it in 2000. We offer research, consulting and analysis, and development, implementation and maintenance of software solutions to the extent and needs of users. We have many years of successful experience in computerization and connection of all business processes in various fields in order to perform them efficiently, in time and in what is more favorable. We offer our clients the application software of a modular character, with the possibility of connecting multiple modules into one whole. We develop application software based on users' needs and preferences in the current state of the art tools and technologies.
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Areas of Activities

Innovative technologies in agriculture


    Traceability System

    Since we have knowledge of all stages of food production, as one of the modern approaches, we have developed software solutions to support traceability.
    Companies that will use the traceability system will increase the quality of food and reduce the negative impact on the environment through reduced use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.
    The traceability system has so far mostly been used in the market of finished products, when it is possible to use pallets and mark the pallets. In the early stages of primary stages of crop and live stock production, production models need to be formed (for example, capturing available areas, using seeds, artificial and natural fertilizers, preservatives) to gain insight into the quantity and quality of finished products. These products, as a rule, have different packaging and often can’t use standardized pallets.
    The healthy food traceability system enables the monitoring of raw materials and products through all stages of production and distribution of food:
    - Primary agricultural production,
    - Industrial processing and production
    - Wholesale and distribution
    - Retail
    - Catering
    The application of this approach requires the use of mobile devices, mobile barcodes, mobile printers, and mobile applications.
    Additionally, changes in organization of production, storing and food trade are required.
    The aim is to improve food quality and promote sustainable agriculture.
    The results should provide better working conditions for those who want to see the quality of their work and the responsibility they have for their products.

    Cooperation Offered
    1. Manufacturing agreement


    ISUP is a complex software product consisting of several parts - modules. Modular software solutions organization, on the one hand, and its integrity, on the other, allows the gradual introduction, in accordance with the capabilities and ambitions of the user, and to thereby ensure the construction of integrated information system of a company.

    ISUP allow you to work with a practically unlimited number of production lines, distribution centers, convenient warehouses and retail stores - shops.
    Our ERP system is an integrated software solution that covers all important business processes in your company.

    Cooperation Offered
    1. Manufacturing agreement
    2. Sales / Distribution