Stevan Povržan

technical director

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DescriptionCompany OPTIMONIA was established in 2014, and today operates within the territory of Serbia and in its region. The core activity is manufacturing of machines for drying fruit, vegetables and herbs. Optimonia represents and example in Serbian market, which combines both, quality and innovation. After a decade of study, testing and research, we are deeply convinced that two seemingly difficult conciliatory goals - raising quality while reducing production costs, are achieved by introducing HEAT PUMP DRYERS by OPTIMONIA into production process. ADASTRA is the drying machine that operates with closed system of drying and it is manufactured by applying all modern design methods that provide quality and affordable product. Models with closed system and heat pump (condensation drying machine) are highly efficient because they use the energy of the water steam. Most frequent systems for drying fruits, vegetables and herbs are classic, convective (drying with heated air) open systems which use wood, fossil fuels or electricity. Those systems are called open, because during the process of drying, they constantly or periodically change air from the drying space. For the last few years, closed systems such as heat pump dryers, vacuum drying, lyophilization, and hybrid technologies have become frequently used for drying. They are closed, because external air doesn’t get into the drying chamber during the process of drying. New, closed systems for drying are introduced because of their advantages, like increasing the quality of dried product with possibility of getting fruit and vegetable powder, decreasing environmental pollution and energy consumption. Advantages of our ADASTRA dryer in comparison with classic open systems are: - economy:saving electricity 3 to 5 times - high quality: drying on 20 to 30 degrees lower temperature - possibility of achieving moisture content of 2%-4% (which is required for getting fruit and vegetable powder) - high hygiene of product - high level of automatization - high comfort during use Advantages in comparison with other closed systems: Heat pump dryer can produce very similar or same quality of dried product like other closed systems, regarding all of the important characteristics like color, taste, nutritional values, rehydration values and so on, but unavoidable advantages are MULTIPLE LOWER PURCHASE PRICE AND SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER ENERGY CONSUMPTION – UP TO 30 TIMES! IN OTHER WORDS, OUR SYSTEM ENABLES DECREASING THE PRODUCTION COST AND, IN THE SAME TIME INCREASING ITS QUALITY! BE COMPETITIVE ON THE MARKET.
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