Vlade Zaric

Faculty of Agriculture Belgrade, Center Agronet

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 11:30-13:00
DescriptionAgroNET - Center for Education and Research is a part of University of Belgrade – Faculty of Agricultur and non-governmental nonprofit organization, registered on October 2018 in the Serbian Business Registers Agency of the Republic of Serbia. AgroNET has been established for an indefinite period of time and it brings together experts of various professions and occupations in order to achieve common goals in the field of agriculture, food technology, agricultural economics, environmental protection, sustainable development and development of the capacities of all participants in the economic life of Serbia. The basic goals that triggered the establishement of AgroNET are as follows: management of development, research and professional projects that contribute to increasing the competitiveness of business entities and to better peopleʼs lives; promoting the importance of continuous education and the importance of research and innovation for the progress of the individual and the community as a whole; education of agricultural and food sector producers, raising the level of knowledge on EU technical regulations, creating conditions for easier placement of products on the EU market, as well as on other markets;
Organization Type University,
CityBelgrade-Zemun, Nemanjina 6 Google map
Areas of Activities

Applied science and research