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DescriptionWe Introduce ourselves as more than a reliable provider of durable packaging machinery & packing solutions. We manufacture and exports different types of Metal Detection and Separation Systems, Online Check weighing Machines, Filling, Processing, Packing Machine such as Automatic liquid Filling - with Volumetric & Weighmetic Machines, Bagging Machine, Bottle Filling Machine which finds applicable in the field of Juice, Oil filling, Honey Filling, Special Liquid Filling, Syrup Filling, Ghee Filling, Butter milk Filling, chemical filling and Packing machines or as per our clients need.

As a company we have both experience in efficient management of small projects for individual packing machines and in realization of complete packaging lines, where we integrate different filling machines with conveyor systems, palletizing or integrate process equipment in our supply as a general contractor.

Our rapid growth results in enhanced satisfaction via larger inventory, modern manufacturing capabilities and strong engineering and service departments. TARGET INNOVATIONS has earned its industry reputation by manufacturing a full line of custom filling equipment. Our fillers are available as either volumetric or gravimetric systems. Both start as single-head semi-automatic fillers and progress to multi-head automatic lines. With a quick tooling change, each model can dispense products ranging from powders, granules, flakes, liquids, gels and pastes. TARGET INNOVATIONS is known and respected in many industries, including food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical and cosmetics. By steering away from proprietary parts, TARGET INNOVATIONS provides its customers with alternate sources for reliable replacement parts at a reasonable cost. At TARGET INNOVATIONS, we value our customers and are dedicated to maintaining relationships to ensure continued satisfaction.

When you work with TARGET INNOVATIONS, your needs will always be met by a technically trained representative, who knows your equipment requirements and applications. Our sales and service professionals have a wide range of expertise on all types of filling systems and in-depth knowledge of our products and services.

To assure our consumers receive the highest quality of customer support, every member of our sales and service staff receives rigorous in-house training on machine design, engineering, construction and operation. We also maintain an extensive database of customers, machines and applications, so we can respond to your specific needs quickly and accurately through phone, fax, email or post.

Our Range of machines  :


·         Metal Detection and Separation Machines.

·         Inline Check Weighers


·         Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors

·         Tablet De Dusters

·         Tablet Inspection Belts

·         Multi Mill

·         Vibro Swifter

·         Blister / Strip De Foiler

·         De Blister

·         Dust Extractors



·         Form Fill & Seal ( FFS Machines)

·         Multi Head Weigher

·         Auger Fillers

·         Automatic & Semi Automatic Filling systems ( weighmetric, gravimetric & volumetric )

·         Volumetric Filling Machine

·         Cup Filling Machine

·         Semi Automatic Powder Filling Machine


 ·         Jar Polycarbonate Rinser filler capper

·         Mineral Water Soft Drink Projects

·         Bottle Filler Crowner

·         Automatic Glass Bottling Machine

·         Automatic Bottle Washer

·         Automatic Tunnel Pasteurizer and Cooler

·         PET Bottles Rinser Filler Capper

·         Glass Bottle Washer

·         Vitamin Flavored Nutrition Water Plant

·         Chiller

·         Fillers

·         Hot-Melt Glue Labeling Machine

·         Sticker Labeling Machine

·         Liquid Dairy Products (LDP)

·         Beer

·         Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD)

·         Juices, Nectars, Soft Drinks, Isotonics & Teas




 ·         Coolers & Warmers

·         Taping and Strapping Machines

·         Case Packer

·         Cartonator

·         Shrink Tunnel / Steam Shrink

·         Shrink Wrapping Machine

·         Industrial Conveyor

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CityVasco Da Gama, 13, Chase International Google map
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    Need Agents to represent our products in Serbia

    We are looking for well experienced companies who are having strong marketing and sales team and can represent and sell our all range of products in the country of Serbia.

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