Roberto Patella


Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 11:30-13:00
  • Tuesday 14:00-17:00
DescriptionSea Land is a 30 years old manufacturer of high efficiency electrical pumps offering solutions for domestic and civil use and for irrigation and industrial plants, with pumps
capacity ranging from 2m3/h to 1800m3/h.
Through an experienced team of engineers and technicians, all products are manufactured with maximum care, from the design to the final tests before their shipment to clients.
Advanced technical features and manufacturing process guarantee high performance and reliability.
Innovation, customer satisfaction and reliability are primary aspects of Sea Land. The Company heavily invests to innovate equipment technology and performance and to expand its product-mix.
Organization Type Producer, Company
Phone+39 049 52 12 944
CityTorreglia (Padova), 35038, Via E. Mattei 25 Google map
Areas of Activities

Agriculture machinery and equipment