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Kupres Milch d.o.o.

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 11:30-13:00
  • Tuesday 14:00-17:00
DescriptionKupres milch Ltd was established in Septembar 2014 at Kupres Plateu.Company produces premium delicatessen chessses which have enchanted consumers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Region. Product range of Dairy Kupres-MILCH encompasses following six basic of hard whole cheese: -Kupres hard whole cheese made of cow buttermilk(classic), - Kupres smoked cheese; - Kupres cheese with spices; - BAŠKA cheese; - Kupres goat cheese ; -Kupres mountain cheese;
Organization Type Company
CityKupres, Put ljekovitog bilja bb Google map
Areas of Activities

Food and drink Producers and Traders


    Zainteresovani za saradnju sa zemljama regiona, Hrvatskom, Srbijom , CRNOM Gorom , Makedonijom..;

    Zainteresovani za saradnju sa zemljama iz regiona .

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